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BGS Sensor Data

Real-time monitoring of environmental phenomena is a large and growing area of interest at BGS and in the wider research community. We provide scalable, robust ways of managing high volume, highly varied data generated by a range of scientific projects, including:

BGS collect data from sensors located throughout the UK and beyond. You can explore and access these data using our sensors dashboard or the application programming interface (API).

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Sensor dashboard

Explore sensors data in our online viewer. Preview data online and download it for further analysis.

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Access sensor data through our API, build custom apps and integrate it into other tools.

Meet our team

I can talk you about how data is ingested into database, how data is stored, current contents of database and how the database maps to the API

Lynn Coppell

Database Specialist

I like to Develop and experiment with simple graph and map visualisation tools using R and RShiny

Liam Spencer

Database & Software Developer

I am a data architect at BGS - I am handling sensor data plan for UKGEOS project and beyond.

Martin Nayembil

Data Architect

I am developing data workflows that ingest data (including realtime monitoring data) into our databases.

Jennifer Bow

GIS Expert

I want to make sure that our data and the tools we create meet user needs.

Carl Watson

User Experience & UKGEOS IT Lead

I am interested in improving how environmental and data scientists consume the BGS Sensor Data API.

John Stevenson

Senior Software Developer

I am the Standards Lead at the British Geological Survey, with the responsibility for improving the organisation and our partner’s data delivery using geospatial data standards to better align with FAIR data principles and driving growth through improved data access.

Edd Lewis

Standards Lead

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