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BGS Sensor Dashboard

We provide a sensor dashboard to access the sensors exact location and meta data. You can also access the sensors setup and plot and compare sensor data.

If you are not sure about how to use the API, the sensor dashbaord will help you to play around sensor data in your browser. This is a visual interface where you dont required any coding skills to access it.

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  • Filter by site, array and property
  • Browse data streams
  • Clean data
  • Download data
  • Access sensor locations map
  • Compare data across sensors, sites or data streams
  • Plot datastreams against each other

How to use

  1. Select the site, subsite, array that includes group of sensors and properties.You can fliter the sensors using above 4 parameters.
  2. Pick a sensor by clicking on the map or by clicking dropdown menu.
  3. Display meta data about sensors. Datastreams are also available to download:
    • Click on the data tab to download it. You can compare different data streams by merging downloaded files offline or if you prefer a graphical representation, add different data streams from the dashboard and view it on the observation section.
    • You can add multiple datastreams for the same sensor.
    • If you are interested in viewing event logs click on the + icon in warning-raw data. Turn on the flags to remove that data.
  4. To compare different sensors repeat the steps 1-3.

Stories from the users

I have compared the old sensor data along with the new sensor data using the dashboard. It is really helpful to see the data trends for new sensors.

Liam Spencer

Database & Software Developer

I’ve found this a powerful and versatile way of viewing time-series data from the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow. The ability to compare water level, temperature and other datasets from different boreholes over several years has provided significant insight to characterise the environmental baseline before subsurface change induced by geothermal research commences.

Alison Monaghan


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